About us

About Us

We are creative, quirky and fun

As software developers we have seen the need for businesses and organizations of all sizes to create online content in an easier, cost-effective, nimble way. The evolution of technology now enables us to offer a platform with features which used to require an extensive development process and often took a long time to make changes.

Mozaik.Global is an engaging and interactive multimedia platform that enables the creation, management, visualization and sale of digital content. Brought to you by MLD Solutions Inc.

A tool that takes content to a whole new level.

Mozaik.Global is currently in an alpha stage and is available only to early adopters. If you are interested in joining our early adopter group contact us at support@mldsolutions.com or call 1-888-730-5011. Stay tuned for further updates.

Developer in a box

 Create interactive online content without the need for hiring developers. Save time and money with Mozaik.Global. Achieve results.

Business development

Launch and/or expand an online business using Mozaik.Global to develop interactive content and manage the eCommerce. 

Data Capture and visualization

Capture and visualize data. Easily create forms. Utilize built-in analytic tools to create dynamic visualizations.