About us

About Us

We are creative, quirky and fun

As software developers we have seen the need for businesses and organizations of all sizes to create online content in an easier, cost-effective, nimble way. The evolution of technology now enables us to offer a platform with features that address these pains. Features which used to require an extensive development process and often took a long time to make changes.

Mozaik.Global is an engaging and interactive multimedia platform that enables the creation, management, visualization and sale of digital content. Brought to you by MLD Solutions Inc.

Our Mission:

Mozaik.Global is a platform that enables content creators to build relationships, gather and share insights, and (if desired) generate revenue by providing a toolbox of cost-effective options within a safe, secure self-serve digital platform.

Our Vision:

An informed, connected and knowledgeable online world created and shared by people and organizations.


value proposition:

power up your toolbox

Easily create and share interactive digital content with an intuitive and flexible platform. A multitude of tools available for a cost-effective price.


build relationships

Business, community or personal, Mozaik.Global enables the creation and sustainability of engaging forms of online relationships.


understand your community

Understand your relationships, products, communities, clients, … whatever you choose. Gather and visualize data, easily create forms, and use built in analytics to create and share insights.